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It's been an interesting journey...

Broadcasting at KWDM
Broadcasting from KWDM West Des Moines

Meeting at IDPH
Plain & Simple Web site meeting, IDPH
I've been interested in media as far back as I can remember. My first exposure to desktop publishing was the classic Print Shop suite on a Apple //C+ that we got in 1988. Options were pretty limited compared to what's possible today, but for a kid in grade school, that hit the spot. Coding didn't strike my fancy until the World Wide Web became popular in the mid-1990s. Like many, I learned some rudimentary HTML and created plenty of Web pages for myself and others. I also had a chance to pursue audio production in high school, working for my high school's low-powered FM station. Once I got over a few nervous jitters, I really found my place among the radio station staff. I also had a opportunity to work at one of the local television stations part time as a tape editor during my senior year of high school -- this, of course, was when everything was still on tape.

I decided to pursue a degree in Communication Studies when I got to The University of Iowa in 2001. I was able to work on both video and audio projects during college, as well as continuing to learn some coding on the side. I was also pursuing the pre-medicine track in undergrad and found the undergraduate Health Communication course and discover public health. I decided to then pursue a Master of Public Health degree after graduating with honors in Communication Studies (and a minor in Chemistry, of all things!)

I truly found my place again in the College of Public Health. I made dozens of connections, both within the college and with partners in the community. As one of only two Health Communication specialists in my cohort, I was able to find an unfilled niche -- and a great job after finishing my MPH. I then worked for the College of Public Health in the Institute for Public Health Practice for 3 years following graduation.

In late 2010, I decided to step back from working full time to focus on taking care of an ailing family member. At this time, I unofficially started my Freelance Media Production gig, building some Web sites and working some video magic for friends and others through word-of-mouth recommendations. In 2012, my daughter was born and my wife was terribly busy with her medical residency. I began taking on new projects again in 2014.

Do you have a project in mind? I'd love to talk with you. Contact me to get started.