Jay Cooper: Freelance Media Producer
My portfolio.

Current Web Projects

Timmerman Law Offices
Timmerman Law Offices practice primarily in education law in eastern Iowa. I was approached by this law firm to develop a simple Web site plus branding for the firm. The site was launched in March 2016 and additions are forthcoming.

EZ Fast BBQ is the restaurant concept created by the founder of Tomaso's pizza in Cedar Rapids during his time at The University of Iowa's Venture School, which was my first true immersion in Lean Startups. I developed and manage this Web site and manage and support the restaurant's point of sale system as well.

BondingBox is a subscription service that brings date night home, delivered to busy couples. The idea originated at Startup Weekend Iowa City 2015 under the name Sexy Life, continued through Venture School in 2016, and began selling subscriptions to couples in 2017. I am the pitch man for this project, and built out the Web site subscription service.

Cider Finder
Cider Finder is an app currently in development that is designed to connect craft cider consumers with the cider makers and brands they love. The idea was created and developed during Startup Weekend Decatur 2017. I created the Web site and am in the process of creating the databases for the app's back end.

Current Audio/Video Projects

Startup Weekend Panel
In order to find out more about Startup Weekends (one of my favorite things about the entrepreneurial ecosystem), I decided to interview five attendees at Startup Weekend Fairfield 2017, to learn more about their experiences at event they have attended, organized, or facilitated.

Startup Weekend Fairfield Pitch Day
After I finished interviewing panelists for the Startup Weekend Panel videos, I was asked by Startup Weekend Fairfield 2017 organizers to record the weekend pitches on Sunday evening. The lighting at the pitch venue wasn't the best, but this is what I was able to produce from the evening.

BondingBox 1 Million Cups Appearances
In the fall of 2017, I began traveling around the Midwest to present our just-launched Web site for BondingBox subscriptions. So far, I have traveled to four locations: Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Rockford, and Cedar Falls. Videos included in this album are pitches only. Full sessions with question and answer segments are available elsewhere on my Vimeo account.

Previous Web Projects

The Gamicon Web site was my longest continuous project, where I served as Webmaster from 2010 to 2017. The site went through a yearly facelift and code review, and was fully rebuilt three times during my tenure as Webmaster. This site was my first larger scale PHP/MySQL project.
Versions: 2011 | 2012 | 2013 | 2014 | 2015 | 2016 | 2017

Keystone Property Management
I was contacted by a property manager with this firm about repairing their current Web site, which was built using the Joomla content management system and had not been updated in years. The Joomla site and associated plugins were broken beyond repair, and with no success finding a decent Wordpress replacement, I went about rebuilding their site from scratch.

National College Gaming Association
NCGA was a student-run startup organization through the entrepreneurial program at The University of Iowa. Their goal was to sanction collegiate e-sports clubs across the United States and promote tournaments between those clubs. This Web site was built from the ground up, with design requests and raw images coming from the client.

Institute for Public Health Practice
Over the three years I worked at the Institute for Public Health Practice, I wore a bunch of different hats. I was hired originally to create promotional materials. Eventually, my job description expanded to include Web and Flash development, video and audio production, and to help oversee the Prepare Iowa Learning Management System, home to dozens of online courses for public health professionals. I was also involved in the conversion of many face-to-face courses to online formats, and aggregating tools for public health and emergency response professionals into simple toolkits.
Web/Flash: H1N1 Toolkit | New Public Health Administrators Toolkit | WIC "Choose the Right One" Game 
Print: H1N1 Toolkit Flyer | New Public Health Administrators Flyer | First Responders Toolkit Flyer

Previous Audio/Video Projects

An Inconsequential Murder
This video was my team's submission for the inaugural 48 Hour Phones Only Film Festival, held in Cedar Rapids in February 2017. This project won Crowd Choice and Best Use of Creative Criteria during the festival.

Snowy December
One of the greatest things about winter in the Midwest is the tranquility of a new snowfall. I took the opportunity in December 2015 to step outside just after a brief snowstorm and capture some of the sights of winter in Iowa.

Meconi-yum and Curriculum Change
These videos were created at the request of several friends for the Frolics program put on by The University of Iowa College of Medicine in 2014.

KWDM Audio
Most of my recent work has involved video production, but I truly love audio production and radio broadcasting. In high school, I had the opportunity to host a couple of shows on our school's non-commercial radio station from 1999 to 2001.
Air checks: 2/15/2000 | 3/18/2000 | 4/4/2000 | 4/25/2000 | 5/9/2000 | 4/6/2001 | 4/20/2001 | 5/11/2001