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The Gamicon Web site is my longest continuous project. I took over administration of the site in 2010, and since then, the site goes through a yearly re-skinning and code review after each year's convention. The site is currently in its second iteration, with the most recent redesign of the entire site in 2014. A full review of the code and possibly a third iteration of the Web site will be implemented before the convention in 2017. I built the entirety of this Web site from the ground up. Elements of the site's design were created by members of the convention's executive board.

Features of this Web site include information about the convention, including physical site and hotel information, events during the convention with a searchable list of events from the most recent convention, and the ability to register for the convention online.


The National College Gaming Association, or NCGA, is an organization founded by students at The University of Iowa that specializes in the burgeoning field of e-sports and e-sports clubs on college campuses. Their ultimate goal is to sanction collegiate e-sports clubs across the United States and promote tournaments between collegiate clubs. So far, NCGA has had several tournaments throughout the Midwest. I built the entirety of this Web site from the ground up, with design requests and raw images coming from the client.

Features of this Web site include tournament listings, membership information, and a link to official merchandise. In the next few months, data from the previously held tournaments will be added to the site along with official rankings.


Timmerman Law Offices practice primarily in education law in eastern Iowa. I was approached by this firm to develop a simple Web site plus branding for the firm. This site was launched in March 2016 and additions are forthcoming, including a members section for clients and an expanded social media presence.


After taking home first place at Startup Weekend Iowa City 2015, the members of Team Sexy Life (including myself) decided to keep moving forward with the startup project to possibly become a company selling customized at-home date night boxes that focus on increasing intimacy between partners in a long-term relationship. We are currently working on customer discovery, through the Lean Startup process. I am the Web developer and social media manager for this pre-company, and we are planning great things to come!

Startup Weekend Mockups:
First Version
Minimum Viable Product for Startup Weekend

Early (post-Startup Weekend) Versions of the Web Site:
Version 1



Tomaso's Pizza is a chain of three pizza restaurants in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I was brought on as technical help by the founder of the chain to go through the Venture School program at The University of Iowa, to see whether or not a restaurant concept he had devised had any kind of demand. My help included creating the slide decks for his weekly pitches and working on crunching the data from customer interviews. His concept morphed into EZ Fast BBQ (below). I am managing the new Web site for the Tomaso's chain.

Slide Decks from Venture School:
First In-Class Presentation
Last In-Class Presentation
Presentation to Judges, Final Day of Program


EZ Fast BBQ is the name of the restaurant developed by the founder of Tomaso's Pizza during Venture School. They are committed to delivery fresh, delicious barbecue sandwiches fast. I developed and manage the EZ Fast BBQ Web site, developed the logo and branding, and serve as technical support for the Web site and the Point of Sale system in the kitchen and restaurant. In the future, I will be working with the EZ Fast BBQ team on the restaurant's social media presence.

Originally, I was hired by the Institute for Public Health Practice at The University of Iowa College of Public Health to write and create promotional materials. Over time, my job description expanded to include Flash and Web design and development, video and audio production, and to help oversee the Prepare Iowa Learning Management System, which housed dozens of online courses for public health professionals. I was also involved in converting a great deal of existing face-to-face curriculum to online formats, and aggregating tools for public health and emergency response professionals into simple toolkits. In addition, I was the go-to Flash developer for the department when that technology was at its peak.

H1N1 Toolkit
New Public Health Administrators Toolkit
WIC "Choose the Right One" Game

H1N1 Toolkit Flyer
New Public Health Administrators Flyer
First Responders Toolkit Flyer

Other Projects

While Web design and development and branding are my main focus, I enjoy the occasional project outside these areas. I have expertise in video and audio production from years of work in Final Cut Pro and several professional audio editing programs. In addition, I can convert your analog videotapes and audio cassettes into high quality digital video and audio – contact me about this service.

Meconi-yum and Curriculum Change – These videos were created at the request of several friends for the University of Iowa College of Medicine Frolics performance in 2014.

Great Flood of 2008: Iowa Arts Campus/Rocky Shore Drive, Coralville Strip, Hawkeye Apartments – I created this series of videos to document the destruction of the Great Flood of 2008 in Johnson County, Iowa.

Snowy December – One of the greatest things about winter in the Midwest is the tranquility of a new snowfall. I took the opportunity in December 2015 to step outside just after a brief snowstorm and capture some of the sights and sounds of winter in Iowa.

Pitch Videos: Sexy Life Global Startup Battle 60 Seconds, Sexy Life 1 Million Cups Full Pitch, Sexy Life Venture School Full Pitch, ASAP Venues Full Pitch – These are videos I created from the pitches of Startup Weekend teams on which I've been a member.

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